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In “TOWN PLANNING,” place making has meant designing Smart Community’s that emphasize walkability, sustainability, are bicycle friendly, can accommodate a mix-of-uses, become a future incubator for jobs, and ultimately offer a diversiy of housing options.

“Our goal as a firm is to propose less wasteful alternatives to conventional suburban sprawl  by using the principles of the New Urbanism to design our communities and then superimpose into our designs smart technologies that will further improve the “Quality of Life” for its residents and visitors.”

To achieve this we overlay into our communities “Smart Methodologies” that will lessen the impact on the natural environment, reduce the use of water, explore alternative energies including converting waste to energy, gauge a range of food production options, and then we implement smart infrastructure options that can be used to reduce traffic.    
The design process we use that has the best results is when it is open to the public during a “Charrette.” The charrette allows the participants a chance to express what they would support and the local municipality staff what they are prepared to support publicly. During the charrette, formal and informal meetings are held so that the participants can share their opinions on paper, in round table sessions. The goal is to take all everyone’s ideas and design a vision that is shared by all the stakeholders.
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Town Planning

Place making has meant designing Smart Communities that emphasize walkability, sustainability, mix-of-uses, and divesity of housing options.


Urban Codes

Our form based codes and pattern books include the graphics end language that is used in support of the intended “Vision” of our master lens.

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Architecture to us is about creating buildings that contribute to the public realm, placing an emphasis on beauty, aesthetics, and in creating place.