Process 1 – Visit the Site

Process 2 – Drive the Site

Process 3 – Water access to the Site

Process 4 – Walk the Site

Process 5 – Fly the Site

Process 6 – Meet the Local Municipality

Process 7 – Round Table Meetings with Stakeholders

Process 8 – Designers Respond to Round Table Sessions

Process 9 – Special Focus Areas

Process 10 – Round Table Sessions

Process 11 – Daily Pin-Ups

Process 12 – Presentation


Pattern Books

are used to assure the community that all future development will be in accordance to the vision from which it was created. A pattern book will provide standards for open space, the architecture and public roadways.


Form Based Code

are land development regulations that assure the predictability of the development. They will replace and/or amend local codes in favor of regulations that produce a high-quality public realm.



are a method for getting all those stakeholders vested in an area together to develop a vision for that area. This intensive planning process brings together professionals, citizens, and the local municipality in a format that provides immediate feedback to the designers.