West End

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Downtown West End is going to brand this region of Miami-Dade County as a premier destination place. From the first day a line was drawn on sketch paper, it was planned to become not just another dormitory community but a complete place with its own major employment center. This will be realized because this self-sustainable community delivers the prospect for many unique urban experiences. To start, it is going to have a magnificent 40-acre crystal lagoon (pool) stretching 1/2 mile across that is designed to support all kinds of non-motorized water sports. To open this grand pool to the public an area will be set aside for the development of destination hotels and resorts; 2) The Cultural District will be a concentrated hub for entertainment and fashion offering from small to large venues for the arts; 3) The Themes Canal with have water edge cafes and restaurants; and, 4) Regent Street , located in the Soho District, has been designed to hold major street events such as farmers markets or arts festivals alongside the sidewalk cafes, night clubs and boutique shops. Similar to the neighborhoods of South Miami Beach, Downtown West End with all its neighborhoods will make every visit a new experience for generations to come.

Downtown West End is the realization of the “Vision for the Future of the West End.” A desirable place to live, work, educate and play.