Valle El Angel


Valle El Ángel is spread over 313 hectares in the rural agricultural region of the City of Apopa. Valle El Ángel will be a new town accommodating the daily needs of all its residents with a mix-of-uses such as residential, retail, office, schools, medical facilities, a church, and a significant sports center with officially sanctioned soccer fields, stadium with seating for 3,000 people, running track, Olympic pool, and basketball and tennis courts. Valle El Angel will be a sports town that has three distinct districts: 1) “El Distrito Ecologico” found on the south most edge of the development boundaries is situated on a mountainous terrain with natural valleys bisecting the site; 2) “El Centro De La Ciudad “ will be the cultural center of the new town, where the school, majority of commerce and the sports center are found. It is located between the electrical power plant and a major thoroughfare roadway ; 3) “El Distrito Del Ferrocarril” is located on the northern most edge of the development. There is a national movement to restore the railroad service and one edge of this district has the opportunity to accommodate a railway station and provide for over night stay hotels.