La LaBranza


The proposed Master Plan is composed of five distinct villages. A major factors distinguishing the villages are a combination of the contours of the site, the protected natural preserves, parks,
historic caminos, and the three major points of access that crisscross the site. Village I is located at the most flatten area of the site, it is divided by a preserve that is the place where the spring of the river first surfaces. Village II is divided by a large preserve into an equal portion of land at the top of the hill and the other at the bottom of the hill. Village III is situated on a picturesque hill top, its road network follows the contours of the hill. Village IV is situated at the ridge of a valley, providing its residents with views that capture the seashore to the south and the San Salvador volcano on the northwest. Village V is the Town Center of La LaBranza, truly the heart of the community. Situated at the base of the valley its large open plazas provide an atmosphere for both the residents and visiting tourist to enjoy the natural preserves and valley that have been protected demonstrating a model for future development in the region.