In our "FORM BASED CODES," place making is guranteed by controling the placement, heights, uses, and setbacks of the buildings.  

"Our goal as a firm is to celebrate an architecture that can contribute to the making of community. "

The methodology we implement for developing our form based codes starts once there is a vision for the community. With the vision in hand, we develop language that controls the architecture proposed for the community. Then we give that language to our team of architects to intrepret and design with it with the objective of refining our language.

Our objective is always to develop a new set of guidelines that will eventually become the overlaying legal language (zoning codes) in support of the stakeholders vision. We are often asked to assist the local governments legal council in reviewing their interpreation of our language so that it embodies our original intent of creating a sense of place. 

Architectural Pattern books have become a fundamental tool to create standards and build consensus among the stakeholders. This document is used to control the materials and finishes allowed in the facade of all buildings. It is meant to be a tool to stimulate ideas on how to treat the facade. It provides guidelines for the articulation of the windows, doors, balconies, and the architectural style desired. 

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