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In "ARCHITECTURE," place making has meant designing buildings that contribute to the public realm by placing an emphasis on beauty, aesthetics, and in the making of a distinct sense of place.  

"We design architecture that enriches the fabric of community and creates a better "Quality of Life."

The practice of Architecture has permitted our firm to specialist in the design of Village Resorts, Traditional Neighborhood Districts, Town Centers, and Transit Villages across three continents. Our practice  has serviced the needs of governments, institutions, militaries, and the private industry for over two decades.  Because of our expertise in Town Planning, many developers including some of the largest home builders in the United States select us to master plan their communities and stay as the architect-of-record for their developments.

Internationally, this has meant that we provide our design services up to design development and then we collaborate with local architects to make sure the integraty of the design is built.  At times we stay on through the construction, providing monthly inspections and assisting with design issues that need resolution.